May 23, 2018

At, our customers rule the road!

Over 20 years ago our company was started by enthusiasts out of a passion for European cars. We’ve grown since then, but one thing hasn’t changed – we still have the passion. We’re staffed by enthusiasts, we drive the cars, we turn our own wrenches, and we use the parts we sell in our own cars. We get excited when new parts are available and new products arrive. We might as well face it, we’re gear-heads.

And thankfully, so are you. So let’s see what you’re up to. Share with us your cars. Your projects. Your automotive craziness. At GAP, we are all about the German (and sometimes Swedish) car. On any given day, we’re sure to have some Audis and VWs in the lot, as well as a SAAB or Volvo, Mercedes, BMW or Porsche.


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