May 23, 2018

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Crystal Silver Metallic 1991 Audi 200 20v Sedan. Purchased in Sept of 2009 to be used as a winter car to my B5 S4. Found it in Burlington, VT with over 300k on the clock. It was my first “old” Audi and I quickly realized that my love for the B5 would quickly fade to be replaced by a car 10 years older. Not to mention this car is one of 248 sold in the US (one of 12 in this color combo) Long story short, I worked through many of the common issues of a 25 year old Audi that has covered that many miles. Suspension, brakes, gaskets, belts, etc which was basically setting up a solid platform for what would be next…a turbo upgrade and supporting modifications. With the turbo upgrade the car was nearly 400hp being put down to all four corners which made for quite the luxury sleeper. All with keeping the factory working air conditioning system and other luxury features this model had to offer. All still on a stock 300k+ mile engine.

I produced a short video in the fall of 2012 of the car launching (taking off) which ended up going viral around the internet. It was posted on several large Facebook pages, blog pages (including Jalopnik and Carthrottle) and other various places. It still shows up being posted to this day. And the video on YouTube is nearing one million views! Last year I took the car to a whole new level of ridiculousness and making a crazy 783hp at the wheels!

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***Nick is a GAPland local, and has been a customer at for nearly eight years,  back when he purchased his first Audi in 2007. The obsessions began with a B5 S4, which he sold off last year. The B5 might be gone, but Nick is completely “hooked on these excellent cars.”


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